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Don’t risk a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning

The long and hot summer days and nights which we all enjoyed in June, July and August are now long gone. We are well into the beautiful autumn season, with its orange and yellow leaves and bright red berries. It’s the perfect time to wrap up for a countryside walk and then come back to a cosy inviting home.

But it is also the perfect time to prepare yourself for the wet and cold days and nights to come. If you are using your chimney as an open fireplace, gas fire, wood burning or multi fuel stove you need to get the chimney swept before you start using it. Sweeping the chimney is an essential part of your home maintenance and should not be forgotten. Throughout the summer cobwebs can build up inside the flue, leaves can fall on to them and block the chimney flue. A bird or squirrel could have built a nest inside your chimney flue. All this happens usually unnoticed but could have a fatal outcome if not detected before you light your first fire. A professional chimney sweep will make sure the flue is swept through in its entire length, the chimney stack and terminal will be checked for wear and tear. During the chimney sweeps visit he will take the time to check your ventilation requirements are adequate and the carbon monoxide alarm is working well. Every fire, if gas or solid fuel should have a carbon monoxide alarm for your own safety. All our chimney sweeps at Stova Chimney Services are going to test your co alarm at their visit.

If you have a stove book your stove service together with your chimney sweeping appointment, this will ensure your appliance works as efficiently as possible and gives you peace of mind for the month to come.

Order your kiln dried logs and make sure you don’t forget the kindling, flamers and matches, which make lighting a fire easy and simple.

If you are not sure about storage visit STOVA The Stove Specialist our stove, fireplace and accessories showroom in Carshalton for ideas and advice how to best keep your logs near to the fireplace and have a practical as well as stylish companion set to hand.

Step by Step guide to get ready for the winter and don’t risk a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning:

  1. Get your chimney flue swept before you start using it
  2. Get your appliance (wood burning or multi fuel stove) serviced
  3. Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide alarm
  4. Order your kiln dried logs, kindling, flamers and matches
  5. Buy a log holder and companion set if you haven’t got one already

Call STOVA Chimney Services now to get your professional chimney sweep appointment booked in and your logs ordered.

With all this done the only thing left for you to do is to relax and enjoy your fire safely and with peace of mind.

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