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If you follow a few simple tips and tricks when lighting your wood burning stove or open fire it will be very easy and will only take a couple of minutes.

This time of the year our office receives many calls daily, where people are afraid that they have a chimney blockage because the smoke comes back into the room and doesn’t go up the chimney flue. If this happens when you are just lighting up your fire and the chimney has been swept by a Stova Chimney Services professional chimney sweep, it is not a blocked flue, rather the technique you are using to light the fire.

So, how do we make sure it all goes quick, easy and smoke free?

The first thing you need to know is that we are going to ignite the fire on the top, so the fuel underneath can start burning. This way we are creating less smoke and warm up the chimney flue faster. The necessary air draw will be created and your chimney starts working almost immediately.

The second important thing is that you need wood with moisture content under 20%. If you buy kiln dried logs, then you have the guarantee that they are below that mark. If you buy seasoned logs you will need a moisture tester to check before you burn. Only with the correct fuel can assure that your stove glass will stay clean and you are not polluting the environment.


Step by Step to the perfect fire

Step 1Depending on the size of your fire grate have 3 – 6 smaller pieces of logs, 8 pieces of small kindling sticks and 1 flamer (natural firelighter) ready. Put 2 – 3 logs on to your grate with the ends facing the window, put 2 more logs on top, with the ends facing the sides. Now build a kindling tower and put your flamer on the top.

Step 2Open all your air vents of the appliance and light the flamer with a match. Leave your stove door ajar for a little while (maximum 2 minutes) until a draw has established.

Step 3As soon as the fire is burning regulate your air vents accordingly to your stove operating manual. If you are unsure about this, please don’t hesitate to call Stova for advice on 020 8770 1630.

Step 4Enjoy the burning of the fire until you can’t see flames anymore. This is the time to put another piece of log on. If you wait until this point there won’t be any risk of fumes entering the room, when you open the stove door.

Stova is also offering lighting demonstrations in our showroom or at your property. If you feel that this would help you, please contact us for an appointment.

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