Professional CCTV and Integrity Testing is a large part of everyday work.

All our Chimney sweep are highly trained and very knowledgeable with years of experience. We also have all appropriate insurances and our vehicles are equipped with the newest state of the art chimney surveying equipment.

Our Chimney Testing Service is recommended when any changes are made to the chimney system, like before any building work is carried out or a stove is to be fitted. Additionally, chimney testing is recommended after a chimney fire has accrued and has likely to have caused damage to the chimney.

After a chimney safety inspection was carried out we will automatically send you an integrity testing certificate or report with video/or still pictures of all points mentioned. You can request a call back from the Chimney sweep that performed the inspection and has written the certification/ report at any time. So you are always sure that you are speaking to the most qualified person.

In some circumstances a CCTV inspection only will be sufficient. A CCTV inspection is carried out if there is any doubt what state the flue liner is in, If the sweep notices a large amount of lining, creosote or other vermin/ debris in the deposits after he has completed the sweeping process.