At Stova Chimney Services we have a chimney terminal for every situation.

Whether you need a chimney pot, capper, bird guard or anti down draught terminal for your chimney or flue, we have a cowling solution.

We can supply and fit high quality chimney pots and bespoke chimney terminals.

Having the correct flue termination is essential to ensure that your appliance and flues are able to work efficiently and safely. All appliances and flues need to be able to “breath”. There are numerous types and designs of chimney pots and cowls that we offer.

If you have an issue with down draft, birds or moisture entering your chimney. Why don’t you ask our chimney sweep / engineer to supply and install the right terminal to suit your needs on our next visit!

Below are examples of our most common pots and terminals for gas, oil and solid fuel appliances and chimneys that we supply and fit.


Ultimate flue outlet (UFO Multifuel)

The Ultimate Flue Outlet is one of our most popular units for helping to prevent wind-related downdraught. The unique design redirects wind across the top of the unit rather than blowing down into the flue.

The Multifuel version, as the name suggests, can be used in conjunction with both gas and solid fuel systems.

Manufactured in either aluminium or stainless steel and available in either terracotta, buff or black.

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The Multifuel bird guard

The Brewer bird guard is designed to prevent birds and debris from entering your chimney. It achieves this with the use of a wired mesh designed to prevent unwanted entry into your system whilst also allowing smoke and fumes to be exhausted efficiently. Fitted with an integral rain hat, it has the added advantage of minimising rain entry helping to prevent internal structural decay.

Available in either aluminium or stainless steel for greater longevity, the Brewer bird guard has deservedly become one of our most popular units over the years.

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The Aspirator

The Aspirator is a great solution for problems with downdraught. Using the wind against itself, the stainless-steel turbine shaped head catches the wind causing it to rotate creating increased draw up the flue.

The Aspirator can be used with every fuel type and adapter plates can be provided by Brewer Cowls for flue liners or awkwardly shaped pots.

Requires approximately 4mph winds to start rotation.

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Chimney Cap

Rain entry into redundant chimneys is one of the main causes of structural decay to chimney stacks. The decay, caused by the natural freeze/thaw cycle of the weather, can ultimately cause great expense. Water works its way into the mortar between the brickwork and as it freezes, expands, eventually leading to cracks in the brickwork.

Chimney Cap offers a simple solution at a low price that prevents rain, bird and debris entry while still allowing nominal ventilation.

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