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Tips to create the spirit of Christmas

Chimney sweep Christmas

A very special time of the year has come, the nights are getting longer and colder and we will soon be counting the days to Christmas. But, I am wondering “How do you get into the spirit of Christmas?” Is it because you hear Christmas songs on the radio, the shop window displays are bright and sparkly with various types of Father Christmas, Christmas baubles and fairy lights.

For me it is a combination of several things, which I am going to share with you today.

Chimney sweep christmas holiday

Christmas Decorations around the home and hearth  

Advents Calendar and Advents Wreath

The first things in my house is the advents calendar for my daughter and thanks to grandma we even have one for our dog this year. Secondly the advent wreath for the table, with candles, Christmas spices and lovely colourful baubles.  Being German, we are counting not only the days to Christmas but on every Sunday in the advent time we will light a candle. The wreath consists of 4 candles, with the first one being lit on the first Sunday of Advent, this year the 2nd December and then another one gets lit every Sunday thereafter until we have the last Sunday of Advent on 23rd December, where all four candles are alight and everyone knows Christmas is almost here.

Chimney and Fireplace Garlands

My next bit of decoration is around the fireplace and chimney. The stove and chimney is such a focal point in our house that decoration around it is very important. All chimney flues have been swept by a professional chimney sweep and all stoves are cleaned and serviced. Decorating around the fireplace is something you have to be a bit careful with, as not to create a fire hazard. Any stockings, garlands and combustible materials must be far enough away from it.

Having a suitable log store next to your chimney, fireplace or stove gives you another bit of decoration. Real logs just look amazing being stacked up nicely. They look even more amazing burning on a fire.

Christmas Baking

Next on my list is baking Christmas treats. My family has a lovely tradition of making our own “Lebkuchen” (Gingerbread) and “Plaetzchen” (Christmas biscuits). The recipes are endless consisting of various different ingredients and spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nuts, …. and it is such a lovely activity for small children too. The smell of biscuits and mulled wine are immensely attractive and unbeatable to create an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree, the one and only thing most people have, even if they are not big in decorating their home for whichever reason. A real Christmas tree gives you the additional benefit that it has a smell to it, which again adds to your atmosphere and mesmerises all of your senses. However, sometimes it is not feasible to invest in a real Christmas tree so an artificial one will do the trick. Having sparkling baubles, fairy lights and garlands around it makes it into a magical focal point and the centrepiece of your celebrations.

Enjoy decorating your home and I hope this gave you some ideas of how to get into the spirit of Christmas.

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